MADACAF was created after over 30 years of experience in the coffee machine sector. With this experience, the company has extended its knowledge gained not only locally but also worldwide, reaching its aim in 2001 when technological advances, passion for this work, experience and enthusiasm for development and the future all culminated in the birth of the company's first coffee machine. Having realised how successful it was , MADACAF decided to invest in this sector, expanding its range of products and offering the market two lines of coffee machines for professional and office use. Today, a selective team of highly qualified staff apply their knowledge and passion to the design and making of a large range of MADACAF products which are aimed at satisfying the needs and requirements of all users, even those who are more demanding. Indeed, the many years of experience in this sector have allowed the company to identify common weak points in coffee making machines and encouraged it to design new systems, aimed at guaranteeing the functionality of it, making MADACAF products perfect for professional and domestic use and also ideal for vending. All of this to allow customers to enjoy an excellent espresso coffee without forgoing design and technology.